Colorado Art Lab Art Classes in Denver


Classes are led by professional artist, Anya McManis, in her studio in Denver. She will guide you through each painting with expert instruction. We can host up to 10 people in a class but most classes are smaller which means that you can get lots of individual attention and help with your painting if you wish. You can certainly work on your own and explore by yourself if that’s what you prefer. But you will have the opportunity to learn new techniques and gain confidence in your painting skills. Even if you have never painted before, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a little guidance.

Please sign up in advance for all classes.

Most of our classes are held on Saturdays but we change our schedule often. Check the website for dates and times. 

We provide all the supplies you need for the class. That may be a canvas, paints, brushes, or other items depending on the class. You don’t have to bring anything. 

No, we don’t serve or sell alcohol or other beverages. You can bring your own drinks and snacks as you wish. We do have water available – at no cost and can brew a coffee it you need a pick me up. But we’re not your typical sip and paint outfit. Our focus is more on teaching but we do want you to have fun and enjoy yourself. 

Our studio is very family friendly. Most of our classes are geared more towards adults or kids over 14. But, if you have someone younger who loves art and is able to sit through a 2 – 3 hour class, that’s great. Bring them along. There is no reduced class fee for children and teens though.  It’s the same for everyone. 

If you come to a class, you’re expected to register, pay, and participate. It would make our other students uncomfortable if there is someone who just watches but doesn’t paint. 

Yes, we do! We can schedule private sessions for anyone. Prices may vary depending on your goals. Just contact us to chat. We’d be happy to customize classes just for you. 

Our gift certificates are typically valid for 1 year after purchase date – sometimes a bit longer too. They currently have a value of $40 which is good for one class for one person. Should we increase our class price before your certificate expires, we will still honor the fee for one of our regular classes.

Some of our specialty classes are longer and more expensive. You can still use the gift certificate for that class but have to make up the difference above the $40 for that class. 

Yes, you can schedule a private class for one person or a group. We love group sessions. Our studio is a great place for a party, holiday event, or a corporate team building. You can choose a painting from our class samples or request something special just for your group. 

Email or call for more information.